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This Week's Guests (8/1/22)

  • Monday the 1st. 

    • Larry Pratt - former head of Gun Owners Of America reveals the next move on total gun control - confiscation!!

  • Tuesday the 2nd.

    • Jim Hardin - Head of Compass Care pro-life clinics discusses fire bombings on his and other clinics.  Plus using a 10-year-old child to support abortion/murder!!

  • Wednesday the 3rd.

    • Dr. Carrie Madej shares her POWERFUL testimony about her recent experience of the plane crash

Last Week's Guests

  • Monday the 25th.

    • Phillip Zopdhiates shares his story of being put in prison for helping Lisa Miller and her daughter a car ride from VA to NY to escape her former lesbian lover. 

  • Tuesday the 26th.

    • Bill Finlay - Wild Bill Finlay will be joining Pastor Butch with VERY hard-hitting truths of the day

  • Wednesday the 27th.

    • Pastor Autur Pawlowski with an update of his continual battle with the Canadian tyranny

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Covid Vaccine Mandiate Assistance

Many people are being threatened with losing their jobs if they don't submit to the "death" jab they call a vaccination.  For those who are being threatened right now with the loss of their livelihoods, or who anticipate this happening there is a way to protect themselves and stop this medical tyranny.  Liberty Counsel is taking a stand to support and help all who are willing to take a stand.  If they will go to lc.org/vaccines they will find forms they can fill out for a religious exemption with online help on how to fill them out correctly.  All they have to do is print the completed form out and give it to their supervisor.  IF this form is not accepted as valid and is refused they can go to liberty@lc.org to contact Liberty Counsel for legal action.  If they can't go online to get help they can call Liberty Counsel at 407-875-1776.  

A Tribute To A Hero Of God And His Helpmate

Gov. Jim Justice Of WV
Spills The Beans On The Vax!!


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